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cordova_ios_144Beta Tunes is a comprehensive collection of songs of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity including lyrics and audio streams. Beta Tunes includes over 45 songs, 35 of which you can listen to. Keep the singing fraternity’s songs in your pocket at all times!

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  • “Unbelievable”
  • “Saves so much time for rituals! Now our guys are actually learning the songs as well. _kai_”
  • “Awesome very useful app, I told all of my new members to get it!”
  • “So glad this app exists”
  • “What a great way to stay current and keep the Beta spirit alive, wherever you go. Thanks for making this app! __kai__”
  • “Very helpful for Pledge Process!”
  • “This app helped with the pledge process immensely. The songs are all accurate and easily available with this app. Great quality. This is something we’ve needed for a while and it’s been a huge asset.”

3 thoughts on “Beta Tunes – iOS and Android App

  1. Pooer 1138 Reply

    All my favourite tracks to get me through the day. 10/10 would download again

  2. Bradley Reply

    The lyrics are fine but the music is not playing for me. I have the iPhone app.

    • Kevin Post authorReply

      1) You need internet connection to stream the audio
      2) Make sure your phone is not on silent (the switch on the side of the iPhone)

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