Custom Icons for Android App using PhoneGap (CLI)

This process took me way longer than it should have to figure out. It turns out I needed to manually put the icons in the ./platforms/android/res/drawable* folders, clean the project to clear the cache, and rebuild it.

Below are the steps you need to follow to get your custom icon working with your PhoneGap Android app:

1) Build the Android project as-is

phonegap build android

2) Replace the files in /platforms/android/res/drawable* with your icons.
(Hint: If you don’t have a script to automatically generate the icon sizes, you can always create a new project in Eclipse with your custom icon and it will generate all the icon sizes for you, and you can even crop as a circle, or add a drop shadow as well.)


3) Run a cordova clean on the project to clear the cache of old icon files


4) Build the project again

phonegap build android

If you did this properly and you’re running PhoneGap 3.4.0 you should be able to see the icons being crunched

 [crunch] Crunching PNG Files in source dir: /Users/kevin/Desktop/myapp/platforms/android/res
 [crunch] To destination dir: /Users/kevin/Desktop/myapp/platforms/android/ant-build/res

If you are adding custom splash screens as well make sure they are all named screen.png and add these two lines to your config.xml

<preference name="SplashScreen" value="screen" />
<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="3500" />

Please leave a reply if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “Custom Icons for Android App using PhoneGap (CLI)

  1. Ana Bee Reply

    THANKS!! Phonegap had a “gap” in there instructions. Still trying to get the splash screen to work tho…

    • Kevin Sloan Post authorReply

      No problem, make sure you add those properties to your config.xml I listed at the bottom of the post.

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