Keep your meat machine functioning well. Feed it good food, and stress it enough so that it doesn’t atrophy, or overload. Your mental health relies heavily on your physical health, but also requires dedicated attention, awareness, and training in thought patterns.


We are social beings, happiness is only real when shared. Make sure you have a good relationship with yourself. Family dynamics are complicated but you should be at one with your relationship with your immediate and extended family. Work to maintain relationships with friends you think are beneficial to your wellbeing.


You always need something to look forward to, and the underlying feeling that you are making progress to give your life purpose. You should have short term goals, and long term dreams for both creative, and professional pursuits.

I check in periodically on what areas are being neglected and what habits I can work on to fix that. I noticed this is similar to Maslow’s Hierachy, which make sense.