Automated social media service that posts relevant content and interact with followers in your given niche.

This is a project of mine that never fully took off. I had great fun building it and I amassed a large amount of followers in several niches including Lacrosse, Mobile Apps, and Mountain Biking.

The project was built in several parts:

  1. A “Mingler” that would follow/retweet/like related content and accounts. I used facial recognition to increase the chances I was interacting with another human instead of wasting precious rate limited actions on interacting with other bots or business accounts.
  2. A content scrapper/scheduler that looked on other website sites (mostly Vine! at the time) for relevant content to shared, and once queued, shared that content on a regular basis.
  3. A web scraper that found sales on websites that I had affiliate links to and drove traffic to those pages.
Social Pilot Website
Social Pilot Website